Looking for a parking spot?

Looking for a parking spot?

Free airport parking
near Helsinki-Vantaa.

Free parking is included in the room rates for both hotels. Skyline Airport Hotel offers its guests the possibility of parking for up to 15 days when you stay with us before or after your trip. The car stays comfortably in the parking area right in front of the hotel during your holiday.

Read more about the free parking on the Skyline Hotel website.

Guests at the Pilot Hotel can park their car for free for a week. The car park is located in the hotel yard but there is also an additional car park a kilometer away. This offer is worth taking advantage of, as airport parking elsewhere in Helsinki-Vantaa costs about 40 € / week. You can read more about Pilot Hotel parking here »

Airport parking – easy with us

Just park your car, have a good night’s sleep, and then enjoy the free ride to the airport. Can it get any easier?

Also free airport shuttle!

Free parking is not the only great advantage of our hotels. Guests are offered a free airport shuttle service between the hotel and the airport. So when you leave your car in the hotel parking, you don’t have to worry about how to make it to the airport and back to the hotel.

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